New Screening Guidelines for Melanoma

Broader Recommendations for Skin Cancer Checks

A group of Skin Cancer Experts and Dermatologists in the US, came together and recommended a clearer set of criteria on who should be screened for Melanoma.

They assessed their current guidelines and also considered those from around the world (including Australia) to come up with a new set of guidelines for detecting Melanoma.

New Skin Check Guidelines

Anyone with the following needs annual (or more frequent) skin checks;

- history of Melanoma, BCC, SCC, or Actinic Keratoses (sunspots)
- Melanoma in one or more family members
- family history suggestive of a hereditary predisposition to Melanoma
- light skin (Fitzpatrick I-III)
- blonde or red hair
- more than 40 total nevi (birthmark/mole)
- two or more atypical nevi
- many freckles
- severely sun-damaged skin
- history of blistering or peeling sunburns
- history of indoor tanning

We wholeheartedly support these new recommendations.

Australia has had such guidelines for more than 20 years.


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