Since founding the Bondi Junction Skin Cancer Clinic 20 years ago I have worked to improve our Skin Check process.

Guaranteeing good health has always been our ‘Holy Grail’.

Merging experience from over 100,000 patient visits with the latest technology has brought us closer than we ever thought possible towards providing a ’Holy Grail guarantee of good health’.

Our unique process combines:

  • the most advanced Digital Imaging with

  • Skin Checks, and

  • Follow-Ups

to provide earliest possible Diagnoses, proven Treatments, and active Prevention.

We named this process – our Digital Skin Check.

So - does it work?

The simple answer is - yes.

Since we developed and introduced this exacting process in September 2016 we diagnosed more than 200 Melanomas.

Our success

That’s more than 1 out of every 2 Melanomas in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs (50.3%).

More importantly all of our Digital Follow-Up Melanomas to date were in the earliest possible stage (Grade 0) which is 100% survivable - delivering the ’Holy Grail guarantee of good health’ to every single Digital Skin Check patient.

This earliest stage of Melanoma is well known to be the hardest to diagnose as conventional methods rely on Melanoma having definite features - which develop later.

Proven Record

Our Digital Imaging process has a proven record in finding them before these features develop leading to the best possible outcomes.

I do not know of a safer Skin Check.

Dr John M Donnellan