Meet Dr JOHN Donnellan

Specialising in Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment, Dr John M Donnellan is one of the longest serving and most experienced Primary Care Skin Cancer Doctors in Australia.

His practice has been heavily focused on prevention, early diagnosis and early intervention for skin cancer patients in Sydney since 1998.

After 80,000 Patients

Dr Donnellan has consulted over 80,000 times, treated more than 15,000 skin cancers, and in excess of 250,000 pre-cancerous skin lesions. His focus is solely on preventing and treating skin cancer.

Our Motivation

Dr Donnellan studied Medicine in order to save lives.

He cared for a 43 year old State Bank executive who walked in after a game of squash wearing a singlet carrying a sports bag. The patient was asking for pain relief.

The patient had Melanoma, and from the moment he certified this man's death 6 weeks later,  Dr Donnellan resolved that he never wanted this to happened anyone else.

He will never forget the faces of his patient's wife and young children as they asked 'When is daddy coming home?'

It was that day he resolved to start the Clinic and make a difference.

Dr Donnellan has exclusively practised in the area of early diagnosis and treatment for skin cancer ever since.


Dr John M Donnellan is a fully qualified and Registered Medical Practitioner and is a full time Primary Care Skin Cancer Doctor.


  • Bachelor of Medicine - MB (UNSW 1994)

  • Bachelor of Surgery - BS (UNSW 1994)

  • Bachelor of Medical Science - BMedSc (UNSW 1994)

Post Graduate

  • Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners FRACGP (2004)

  • Certificate in Primary Care Skin Cancer Medicine (2006)

  • Certificate in Primary Care Skin Cancer Surgery (2007)

  • Certificate in Primary Care Dermatology (2016)


  • Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

  • Australian Medical Association

  • Society for Melanoma Research

  • Skin Cancer College of Australasia

  • Australasian College of Cutaneous Oncology

  • Australia & New Zealand Melanoma Trials Group

  • Australasian Society for Dermatology Research

  • Royal Australian Army Reserve - Captain - RMO 23rd Field Regiment (Artillery) (inactive)

Ongoing Education

Dr Donnellan keeps up to date on the latest research and treatment developments in Skin Cancer by regularly attending events including;

Recent Seminars and Conferences

  • Skin Cancer Congress Brisbane (2019)

  • Confocal Microscopy - A/Prof Pascale Guitera Sydney (2019)

  • Melanoma Institute Update Sydney (2019)

  • Non-Surgical Symposium Gold Coast (2018)

  • Skin Cancer College Conference Gold Coast (2018)

  • Cutera University Melbourne (2018)

  • Melanoma Institute Update Sydney (2018)

  • Melanoma Institute Update Sydney (2017)

  • Skin Cancer College Congress Gold Coast (2017)

  • Advanced Skin Cancer Conference Sydney (2017)

  • Surgery and Histopathology Masterclass (2016)

  • Skin Cancer Conference Brisbane (2016)

  • Dermoscopy Masterclass (2016)

  • Melanoma Institute Conference (2016)

  • Primary Care Office Procedures Workshop Melbourne (2015)

  • Melanoma Institute Conference (2015)

  • Skin Cancer Conference Bali, Indonesia (2013)

  • Skin Cancer Clinic Business Management (2012)

Special Interests

For nearly 20 years Dr Donnellan has worked exclusively in the field of skin cancer including:

  • Skin cancer screening

  • Skin cancer treatment

  • Skin cancer diagnosis

  • Skin cancer surgery

  • Skin cancer post operative therapies

  • Skin cancer high risk patient management

  • Skin cancer basal cell carcinoma diagnosis

  • Skin cancer squamous cell carcinoma diagnosis

  • Skin cancer melanoma diagnosis

  • Skin cancer nodular melanoma diagnosis

  • Skin cancer amelanotic melanoma diagnosis

  • Skin cancer using full body digital scanners and digital mole mapping

Medical Research and Development

Dr Donnellan has lectured and presented in both Australia and overseas in the areas of skin cancer diagnosis and management. He has;

  • participated in trials of new methodologies that improve skin cancer diagnosis & treatment

  • actively pursued advanced technologies associated with improving skin cancer outcomes

  • continually reviewed the latest research, developments and technologies associated with skin cancer

Currently, in addition to the above Dr Donnellan is also reviewing handheld cancer devices using Near-infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)


While I pride myself on attention to detail and guiding every patient's journey to the best possible outcome - it's the interactions with patients that literally fill me with joy and make me want to come to work every day.

Dr John Donnellan, Nov 2016

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