YOur Skin Assessment

Your Journey

Bondi Junction Skin Cancer Clinic employ a new level in skin cancer checks using advanced technology to ensure your diagnosis and ongoing treatment are of the highest standard.

Through every stage:

  • Initial digital scan,
  • Any treatments, to
  • Follow ups or Annual Checks

The team aim to offer the best possible information, treatment and care.

Your journey starts with Bondi Junction Skin Cancer Clinic's "5 Step  Skin Assessment Process"

Our 5 Step Method Ensures Accuracy

  1. Consult - Listen and Take a Complete Clinical History
  2. Scan - Comprehensive Full Body Scan
    1. Skin Map - systemic analysis locates all pigmented skin-changes in fine detail including moles, sunspots, hyper- and hypo-pigmentation, nodules, ulcers, dry skin and more
    2. Collect - 12 ultra high definition images using our computer controlled process for maximum reproducibility.
    3. Dermoscopic Focus - on lesions at risk of change or areas of special interest in full 4K brilliance.
  3. Record - specific sunspot characteristics are stored in a patient database with all important imagery and data including:
    1. Dermoscopy or microscopic images in full 4K brilliance,
    2. Body Mapped or macroscopic imagery
    3. Overview location images
    4. Evaluate - Each individual spots’ key metrics employing ABCD Analysis - Asymmetry, Borders and Areas, Colours and Variability, Diameter
  4. Diagnose - All images are reliably, quickly and immediately assessed by both a Doctor and computer based modelling. Borderline lesions are classified by their dermoscopic features by combining three internationally accepted analytic methods:
    1. ABCD Risk Factors
    2. MacKenzie Analysis
    3. Integrated expert system using neural network comparisons to calculate and classify each spot with a value. These values are  based on the world’s largest multi-centre skin cancer study DANAOS.
  5. Assess Risk Factors - our Bondi Junction Skin Cancer Clinic Doctor personally reviews images in the context of all relevant patient history data
  6. Report - In combination with your Doctor’s review detailed images help inform the patients of their
    1. skin status,
    2. diagnosis and
    3. the course of action

Follow Up Skin Check Process

The Bondi Junction Skin Cancer Clinic helps patients stay safe with efficient and accurate follow-up examinations.

At follow up appointments the scanning is repeated and any new skin damage or pigmented skin-changes can be immediately recognised.

  1. Comparisons - Each new image captured at follow-up examinations is automatically positioned alongside previous images of the same lesion for direct comparison
  2. Changes - Details can be magnified up to 200x and by comparing earlier findings both you and your Doctor can see changes in the skin to fractions of a millimetre
  3. Expert System - Automatically calculates any changes and offers deep insights that can assist in early diagnosis.
  4. Skin Management - Clinical imagery document pre- and post-operative treatment status
  5. Report - In combination with your Doctor’s review detailed images help inform the patients of:
    1. Any sun-damage or skin aging
    2. Current skin status and Diagnosis and
    3. Your best course of action

Over time a rich sequential history of your sunspots is built allowing changes in your skin to be immediately identified and analysed leading to earliest intervention of any known method.