We will attempt to call you as soon as your result is available - this usually takes around  a week but in rare cases my be longer.

We will call every number we have listed for you - so please ensure you update your phone numbers when you are back at Reception before leaving today.

We are unable to email results without encryption, but if for some reason we cannot get you on the phone, we can advise via email that your results are available and request that you call to discuss.

We can provide you with written copies of your results at any time - these can be given to you when you come in for stitches, or they can be mailed or faxed to you.

On some occasions (such as biopsies or rare unexpected results) further surgery may be required, and it is almost always desirable this is done without delay. Early clear understanding of your results and what they mean for you is very important.


When requested, we can email test results using end to end encryption to personal email accounts.


If for some reason you have not received a call about your results after a week - please call us on +61-2-9389-8300 as it’s important you get your results in a timely manner.


You can also nominate another Doctor for your results to be sent to (such requests need to be in writing from you - scanned copies are acceptable)

If you want us to send your results to another doctor please advise writing the following:


About You

  • Your Full Name,
  • Your date of birth,
  • Your current contact details
  • What results you would like sent

About Your Doctor

  • Your Doctors Name
  • Practice Name
  • Practice Tel and Fax
  • Practice Address