About THE Bondi Junction Skin Cancer CLINIC

The Bondi Junction Skin Cancer Clinic is one of the longest established and most experienced skin cancer clinics in Australia.

They have a range of services to meet the needs of their patients. These services include:

  • Full Body Skin checks using dermoscopy
  • Mole Mapping including Total Body Photography
  • ViseoMed Microderm Digital Dermoscop
  • Surgical Excisions including Flaps and Grafts
  • The Bondi Junction clinic has fully equipped treatment rooms, skin check rooms and use the latest Skin Imaging technology in their mole mapping rooms.

They find on average a melanoma a week and there has never been a Clinic day that has passed without diagnosing skin cancer.

They find on average one 40 melanomas per year and up to 30 non-melanoma skin cancers each day.

Since the clinic’s establishment In 1979, they have diagnosed over 200 melanomas of which 938% were early and less than 1mm in depth.

Our Doctors are members of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia and have achieved higher qualifications in skin cancer medicine and surgery.

All the skin cancer nurses hold certificates in Skin Cancer Medicine or Dermoscopy  through the Skin Cancer College of Australasia or are currently studied towards this qualification.

Bondi Junction Skin Cancer Clinic is committed to raising the awareness of skin cancer and sun safety in their community.

They currently sponsor many sporting clubs and social events in the Bondi Area providing free information talks on detecting skin cancer and free sunscreen at outdoor activities such as the

Bondi Lifesavers

Bondi Junction Skin Cancer Clinic has a longstanding relationships with the North Bondi SLSC and participates in SLSC activities.

Bondi Junction Skin Cancer Clinic is also a major supporter of the Melanoma Institute and Melanoma Patients Australia and regularly contributes to their conferences and maintains close relationships with key Researchers in skin cancer diagnosis and management

Standardised Image Quality

Uses standardized dermoscopic images in brilliant 4K quality that facilitate reliable reporting.

  • Standardised imaging
  • Stringent medical standards
  • Reliable diagnosis

Co-operative Diagnostics

In some cases we can involve experienced colleagues for collaborative diagnostics.

Meet Our Team