Sunspot Danger Signs

Over time solar keratoses may regress, fade, stay the same, or change.

Beware of the following developments:

Skin becomes thicker

The Spot is painful/tender

The Spot is growing quickly

The SunSpot Size is more than 1 cm

Sunspot is Showing redness or bleeding

The Sunspot becomes an ulcer

If you notice any of the features mentioned above

How dangerous is a solar keratosis?

Sunspots can become dangerous. Skin cancers called Squamous Cell Carcinoma can develop from sunspots in people who are at risk.

As many as 65% of all primary squamous cell carcinomas arise from previously diagnosed solar keratoses in high-risk individuals.

Solar keratoses are diagnosed clinically based on their characteristics, and in suspicious cases a biopsy may be required to rule out malignancy.


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