At the Bondi Junction Skin Cancer Clinic we understand that anyone with any skin type may get skin cancer at any age.

Full Body Skin Checks

We provide a full skin cancer checking service.

  • As part of this service, one of our trained Melanographers performs a systematic total body check and generates digital dermoscopic and total body images 
  • A doctor will then examine each patient to check each mole and lesion on their skin and discuss a treatment program if required, and advise on the best long term management and prevention

Some treatment may be performed during this skin check appointment if necessary and the patient requests it.

Each total body skin check takes up to half an hour and is advised for everyone over the age of 18 on an annual basis.

If cancer is Found

If we suspect you have a lesion that could be a form of skin cancer we need to:

Confirm the diagnosis, and 

Arrange for its early Removal