Sunspot Risks

Sun damage leads to solar keratosis

Over 65% of Australians will have some level of sun damage or solar keratosis. Solar keratoses is the plural of solar keratosis.

Sunspots Can Turn Into Skin Cancers

What are solar keratoses?

Solar keratoses, or ‘Sunspots’, are areas of your skin that are damaged (lesions) caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

Sunspot Understanding


Sunspots are located in sun-exposed areas such as the head and neck, forearms, hands and back


Sunspots can be as small as a pinhead or may grow to several centimetres in diameter


Sunspots can be range from skin-coloured or reddish-brown coloured patches


Sunspots can sometimes be easier to feel than see, they can be rough to the touch like sandpaper or feel scaly

Sunspots or solar keratoses can appear as solitary spots, but as surrounding skin can also suffer sun damage, it is likely multiple sunspots will appear over time.