Multiple Melanomas On The Same Patient

High Risk Case for Melanoma

A patient in her 30’s was diagnosed with Melanoma and was recommended to have regular skin checks. As a result her 2nd and 3rd Melanomas were diagnosed and treated early. This prevented progression into more advanced stages and potential spread to other parts of her body.

Prior to her Melanoma diagnoses, she was assessed as having average risk.

Now she is in the highest risk category that exists.

Increased Risk

After a diagnosis of (any) skin cancer the risk of another is 10 times higher.

The next Melanoma is more common within the first 2 years of the initial diagnosis, is unrelated to the first, and is usually more aggressive.

Regular Skin Cancer Checks

Regular skin cancer checks, in particular those involving Digital Skin Cancer Imaging, can diagnose Melanomas earlier and facilitate early treatment - limiting the opportunities for Melanoma to reach advanced stages with their potentially fatal consequences.


Melanoma Risk Factors (