Non-Invasive Skin Cancer Check Offers Quick Diagnosis

Accurately Detects Skin Cancer Without Surgical Biopsy

Researchers have developed a non-invasive imaging technique that accurately identifies Melanomas and Basal Cell Carcinomas by detecting abnormal clusters of mitochondria in both types of skin cancers.

Quick Skin Cancer Detection

This exciting development means detection of skin cancers can be extremely rapid and feasible even at very early stages.

The system involves looking directly at lesions on the skin through the laser-based microscope and identifying whether they are cancerous or not, in minutes. This is extremely quick as compared to a surgical biopsy where a sample must be excised under anaesthetic, then processed and examined by an expert histopathologist.

Ultimately Lowers Healthcare Costs

Although this technology is expensive at the moment for widespread use, there is a potential for doctors to make quicker diagnosis and expedited treatment, which in turn could mean lower health care costs.



Non-invasive test offers quick skin cancer diagnosis -