IBM's Watson Taking Lead in Early Melanoma Detection

IBM's Watson Supercomputer & Melanoma Detection

We agree and support the drive by IBM in developing an automated diagnostic system for skin cancers, in particular for Melanoma. Such systems are a welcome advance, and are very likely to save lives.

Melanoma is our most dangerous skin cancer, and will kill nearly 1,800 Australians this year. Almost every one of these lives could have been saved if the Melanoma had been diagnosed earlier.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Doctor or IBM’s Watson - if a patient doesn’t get checked - a diagnosis of Melanoma can’t be made in time.

Annual skin checks are recommended over the age of 18, and every 2 years between the ages of 10-18 years old.

It is also advised to carefully self-examine your own skin on the first day of every month, and if anything is changing uniquely for more than 2-3 weeks tell your Doctor.

If you’re concerned about anything on your skin being skin cancer go to

Dr John Donnellan
Skin Cancer Specialist
Sydney Australia