Hugh Jackman Skin Cancer Scare

The Wolverine Has More Skin Cancers

We support Hugh Jackman who is going through his 6th skin cancer scare in just 4 years.

But while Hugh says it’s not life-threatening we don’t agree.

There were more than 500 deaths from Non-Melanoma skin cancer in Australia last year, and while the number who died from Basal Cell are not specifically recorded - it would have been at least 60, and up to as many as 150 Australians.

Basal Cell Carcinoma is more common than all other cancer in Australia combined.

All very good reasons to use your sunscreen, and to get regular checks so skin cancer can be caught early.

If you an adult with no previous history you need a check annually, and this reduces to 6 monthly if you have had a skin cancer - of any type previously.
Dr John Donnellan