Darker Skin And Skin Cancer

Not All Skin Cancers Are Caused By UV

Although the deadliest skin cancers are largely caused by overexposure to UV radiation and light skinned individuals are high risk - some are triggered by genetic mutations where people with darker skin are more prone.

Such is the case with Acral Lentiginous Melanoma, a type of melanoma that is difficult to treat.

No Sun Exposure

ALM are normally found on areas of the skin that oftentimes are shielded from the sun - such as palms, soles, fingernail and toenail beds. This type of cancer also mostly occurs with those with darker skin types.

Inhibiting TERT Protein

A recent study has found the relationship between a the TERT protein and ALM. After sampling 34 patients with ALM, they found significant evidence that inhibiting TERT may effectively destroy ALM cells.

The paper concludes, "continued characterization of ALM, and evaluation of the functional implications of TERT aberrations, holds promise for paving an avenue towards improving outcomes for ALM patients."



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