Let's Stop the Madness

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Help get melanoma surveillance funded

Australians are exposed high levels of UV radiation from the sun daily. Sunlight is the biggest cause of melanoma, so it's no wonder 14,000 new melanomas are diagnosed annually.

Why is melanoma surveillance not Medicare funded?

For those at risk surveillance is key to early detection. This leads to better outcomes and reduces cost burden that melanoma imposes on those affected.

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We would like to see this changed and seek to petition Parliament to provide Medicare funding of melanoma surveillance services.

The petition is very easy to complete. Click the button and complete your details.

If you know of others who would support this cause, feel free to forward this email and the link to the petition.

The petition will close on September 6th after which it will be submitted to Parliament.

Thank you for your support.

Dr John Donnellan

Bondi Junction Skin Cancer Clinic